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When Should I Begin to
Look at Schools?

Deciding to put your child in a daycare/preschool can be a very sad and frightening experience. Unfortunately in today’s society its often necessary. Long before we as parents would like for it to be. Rest assured at Elite Academy we understand your anxiety and are here to make the transition as easy and comfortable as possible for you and your child. Our experienced, trained, loving staff is beside you every step of the way. Research has showed that daycare/preschool can offer long lasting social, economic, and academic benefits for both kids and their parents. It can help provide structure, and an early love for learning. It can help your child learn social skills they will carry through life as well help the to create healthy bonds with their caregiver and other children.

Our Classes


Learn more about our infant program that gives them a daily routine and loving environment.


Going beyond daycare to provide nurturing guidance for your one year old. Learn more now.


Find out how our program allows your child to learn about the world and gain a sense of independence.


Our class for three year olds is the perfect stepping stone to preschool.
Learn more now.

Four's & Fives

This program will build vital skills to success in kindergarten, as well as respect for others.

Our Core Values

Nurturing Individuality

● Believe in the potential of each person

● Value teamwork because cooperative efforts produce superior results

● Recognize that individuals contribute more when given more authority and accountability at their disposal

● Show respect and concern for each other

● Value diversity

● Maintain a safe, clean and enjoyable work environment that offers personal job satisfaction and professional growth


● Know parents’ requirements and expectations, and working to meet and exceed them

● Define our services to the parents up front in a clear and concise manner

● Demonstrate personal commitment to providing excellent child care and learning programs

● Believe that everything can be improved

● Achieve excellence in maintaining a safe, healthy and clean child care school

● Take ownership and pride in what we do


● Treat others the way we want to be treated

● Demonstrate integrity in all our relationships

● Obey the law and maintain honest and ethical behavior in all our activities

● Place high priority on building trust

● Consistently do what we say we will do

● Communicate candidly, frankly and constructively

● Have exemplary relationships with children and their parents


● Be innovative, creative, productive and efficient

● Challenge standard solutions constructively and review past practices for continuous improvement

● Exercise personal initiative

● Listen and share ideas with others

● Be proactive in creating change that can lead to our achieving greater success

Why Elite Academy?

At Elite Academy we are more than just a daycare. We are a curriculum based learning center that will facilitate the development of your child through every stage. We have carefully chosen every teacher with your child in mind. Our teachers are qualified, experienced and show compassion, love and care for every child, developing bonds and healthy relationships with the children and families. 

Safe, Loving Environment

Skilled Teachers

Curriculum Based Learning

Brand New Facility

Because they deserve to shine!

Every child deserves the opportunity to grow and develop into happy health adults. This begins from infancy. At Elite Academy we will go above and beyond to help your child reach every milestone. We will build trusting, loving bonds with our children and their families.
We are a curriculum based preschool providing a foundation in early childhood education for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. We provide a loving, nurturing environment for children to grow and develop.

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